Lectio Divina is the characteristic way by which Catholics read the Scriptures. It is a reading of the Scriptures that is faith-filled, intelligent, and prayerful. It takes into consideration the literal and spiritual senses of Scriptures which is read “in the same spirit in which they were written.”

Lectio Divina can take different forms. For blogging, I will be adopting the S. O. A. P. journalling technique. S. O. A. P. is an acronym for Scriptures, Observation, Application and Prayer. It is not Catholic. In fact, I saw it on the web being used by evangelicals. It is a journal-writing method that is structured for the reading of texts. It is not new — I’ve seen something similar in the journals that our religious sisters kept back in the 1980s. The technique helps in keeping the mind focused on what has been read and allows one to “move” in it according to the steps of the Lectio: lectio, meditatio, oratio, contemplatio.


The main contributor to this blog is the same one who brings you Mixed Innuendos. He teaches Scriptures to lay leaders who work in Basic Ecclesial Communities.


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