Dead Sea Scrolls Online

isaiah qumran

Some of the Dead Sea Scrolls are now online and can be visited. The initiative to allow the public to have a virtual tour of the scrolls is from the Israel Museum and Google. You can find the website here: The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls.

Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls important for the study of the Bible?

  1. It clarifies certain areas of the culture of the Jews during the time of Christ (e.g. variety of Jewish observances).
  2. It helps us understand more the Messianic expectation of the Jews in the first century.
  3. It helps us in the area of textual-criticism for the Old Testament
  4. It helps us understand the history of the canon of the Old Testament

The “Digital Dead Sea Scrolls” allow you to have a look at the more important Scrolls and learn more about the relevance of the Scrolls through videos. Go to the website now!


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