I will rescue my people

syrian catholics


Therefore the Lord says: “I will return to Zion and I shall set up my tent in the midst of Jerusalem” (Zechariah 8:3, LXX)


Zechariah 8 is about the coming restoration of Jerusalem. The Lord will restore Jerusalem because of His jealousy for her sake (1-2). He will return and dwell in her and Jerusalem will become known as the faithful city (3-4). Jerusalem will be filled with both the old and the very young (5-6). The Lord will rescue from the east and the west His people and bring them to Jerusalem. But not only them, for many peoples will come to dwell in Jerusalem (20-23).

Interesting is the way the LXX renders the Hebrew shabti el-ziyyon (3). It says literally: “And I will be converted towards Zion, using the verb for “conversion”, “pagbabalik-loob” epistrepho. This is God’s “gracious turning” towards His people. Just as His jealousy can punish infidelity, soo too does His jealousy make Him show His mercy.


I think of the Catholic churches in places where they are persecuted and whose members are forced to leave and immigrate elsewhere. Present conditions have made it too difficult for them to stay where they are, and so they are uprooted and forced to live where they are vulnerable, often unprotected. From close-knit family relations, they are made to live in more peaceful conditions perhaps, but alone and lonely.


Lord, look at your people and have mercy on them. Bring them peace and consolation wherever they are and give them your protection.

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