I will turn their mourning into joy… (Jer. 31:13b)



I will turn their mourning into joy, I will show them compassion and have them rejoice after their sorrows. (Jer. 31:13b)


Jeremiah’s hymn about the restoration of Israel looks forward to a time when both the Northern and Southern tribes of Israel shall be restored as God’s people. They will return from Exile into their land and together go up the mountain of the Lord.

Like a shepherd guiding His flock, the Lord will lead His people anew. He will cut a new covenant with them and will dwell among them.


Salvation history is God’s future making itself “today” in human history. For the people who put their hope in God, it is a blessing. For those who love God, it is the reign of God breaking forth in their lives. “Today” God’s salvation breaks forth in my history. It is a “today” that has been paid for by the blood of the Lamb. It is a “today” that is filled with God’s grace, inviting to conversion and to a new beginning.


Lord, fill this day with your goodness. Touch our hearts that we may experience this day as a foretaste of that Morn without sunset in your Kingdom.


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