Reflection Guide for Sunday XXVI OT A


Fr. Tomas Rosica’s reflection guide for the Sunday Homily (26th Sunday) is now available at the Zenit website. The reflection guide appears every Wednesday.

For this Sunday, Fr. Rosica relates the parable of the two sons to the way Christians live their faith:

Today many claim to know Christ but do not live the Christian life. It doesn’t matter so much what you say on the outside if it is not matched by your heart on the inside, or your actions. Lip service to Christ that is merely an outward mouthing of polite promises and pious platitudes is empty by comparison with the inward acceptance of the message that prompts people to repentance and action. What God looks for is the final outcome in people’s lives. God is infinitely patient with us and can certainly tolerate our initial “no” on the way to our final, definitive “yes.”

The second reading from St. Paul is also discussed in the light of the “kenotic” dimension of the Christian life, of our dying to sin that we may be united in Christ’s Resurrection.

Although Paul is in prison and no longer can visit and preach to his beloved community at Philippi, they are not without his intercession and assistance. From his prison cell, Paul begs them to make his joy complete by being of “the same mind” and “having “the same love.” Rather than being caught up in the upward mobility and passing things of the world, of society, of all of our broken and sinful ways of life, we are invited to enter into the downward mobility of Jesus Christ who empties himself in order to find fullness and life.

Questions for further deepening the readings are also supplied. Read more from Zenit.


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