Sunday Thoughts


For those of you who cannot access Biblista.NET, I have placed the Sunday Thoughts section here (see the horizontal bar at the top of this page). Currently, the Sunday Thoughts for the 25th to the 27th Sundays are available.

For those of you who see the Sunday Thoughts section for the first time, these are short articles on the Sunday gospel that help you apply the Gospel for a given Sunday to your life. Often, I also add relevant quotations from the Catechism and the Popes to help you apply the text to your own life-situation.

“Application” is the term used for that process whereby a text that is read and whose sense has been captured is made to address itself to one’s life. “Application” assumes “Interpretation”, that process whereby one understands the sacred writer’s purpose in writing the text. I also try to help the reader “interpret” the text through longer articles I write about the scriptural passage under consideration.

Each “Sunday Thought” article has three parts: an introduction which places the Gospel passage in its place within the liturgy, relevant articles, two or three-point reflection guide which sometimes includes a few more references relevant for current Church-life.


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