Mass Readings and Gospel Meditations

The New American Bible website that I have been using as my main resource for the daily Mass readings is having problems. Several times now I have gone to check the readings for the month of September and I always come up with browser errors. They are, I think, giving the site a makeover and for this reason pages and sections are being moved, deleted or created. I suspect that this will be going on for some time yet. And so I looked for alternatives and found two. I will be creating links for these later on.

Catholic Online: Daily Readings

The text used is that of the New Jerusalem Bible (1985) and the calendar follows that of the Roman Catholic Lectionary. Don’t mind the large flash intro. When you reach the link above, just scroll down. Texts are easily readable.

Daily Scripture Readings

This is Don Schwager’s website; he is a Catholic and uses his website as an extension of his ministry. “Daily Scripture Readings” presents meditations on the Gospel readings. Each article is divided into:

Scripture passage (the mass reading for the day)
Meditation (an explanation of the passage which incorporates what the Fathers of the Church have said about it)
Psalm passage (the responsorial psalm for the day)

Scripture texts are based on the RSV. The website also has other sections that are worth looking into.


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