In the Fleshy Body of Christ (Col. 1:22)


Verses 21-22 is a description of the state of the Colossians before and after they received the Gospel. Before the Gospel, they were “alienated and hostile in mind because of evil deeds” (v. 21). This is a standard Jewish description of the Gentile pagan. But through the Gospel, they have been reconciled in the Body of Christ. Read the rest: The Colossians, Before and AfterVerses>


…but now he has reconciled you in His fleshy body through His Death so that He could present you holy, immaculate and beyond reproach before Him


In Col. 1:21-23, the author describes the present state of the Colossians in terms of their before and after with respect to the Gospel heard through Epaphras. “Before” they were alienated, “hostile in mind”, and doing evil deeds. The Colossians were a multi-ethnic group, and so they were not only alienated from God but also among themselves. “Now” however, they have been made friends — that is the meaning of “to reconcile” — in Christ. In vv. 19-20, the author underlined the fact that all have been reconciled in Christ through the blood of His cross. Here, the author becomes more specific: the Colossians have become reconciled in the fleshy Body of Christ by His Death. The Greek text states: “in the body (somati) of His Flesh (sarkos)”. The expression emphasizes the “real-ness” of that “Body” in which the Colossians have been brought together among themselves and with God.


By baptism, we have been incorporated into the Body of Christ — not into a metaphor or an idea (such as a “moral person”)but into something real and concrete. It is the “fleshy” Body of Christ. It is the people I meet in the parish, they who together with me try to build up the community of faith, those who celebrate the Eucharist and who volunteer to perform certain services. They are the young people who try to come up with activities that they think would help bring more of their contemporaries into the life of the community. They are the people in the squatters’ area who organize their monthly masses in a way that would bring more glory to God in the midst of an apparently god-less existence.


Thank you, Lord, for making me part of Your Body and experience your care and your love through the lives of the men and women you have brought my way.


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